Why Getting Your Own Domain Name is Important

Small businesses are the backbone of the Australian economy, but as a business owner, you’re usually short on both time and money! So setting up a custom domain can quickly tumble down your to-do list.

But here’s why getting your own domain name, and migrating your operations online at the same time, could be one of the best business investments you make.

Credibility, security and protection

In order to survive in our hyper-connected digital world, your business needs to have an online presence. Even if you aren’t able to sell products or services directly online, simply having a credible website and contact details associated with your business is enough to get the word out and encourage customers to trust you.

A managed domain is essentially the address for your online real estate. It’s where your business lives on the internet, so choosing the right name and registering it are critical first steps. A good solution is to choose a provider like entire tech who can take care of the purchase, security and renewal of your domain name – so you can relax knowing that everything will be taken care of and stay up to date.

Displaying a trustworthy brand

Too many business owners use their personal email on Gmail or Hotmail for business communications. But rather than seeming personal and affable, this shows your customers that you aren’t investing in your online presence. And if you’re trying to reach new audiences, the only way you will appear trustworthy and credible is with a custom email address linked to your business domain.

That means rather than sending out newsletters to customers from your john.smith@gmail.com address, you’ll instead be sending secure comms via your own domain, such as john@businessexpertsolutions.com.au. Which address do you think paying clients would prefer to see?

Migrating to the cloud for easy business

Getting your own domain name is only the beginning. You’ll quickly realise the potential of shifting all your operations online. While you may still need a shopfront for your day-to-day activities and customer interactions, there’s so much that can be achieved in the cloud.

Beyond the basic domain name, you can start using services like Office 365 entirely in the cloud. You’ll get all your important documents, spreadsheets, contracts and business networks stored in a secure online location that’s easy to access anywhere, anytime.

Using a hosting and storage service like Dropbox means you can get rid of the clunky, physical filing system in your office. With Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions such as Microsoft Azure and Amazon Web Services, you can even build and run your entire IT infrastructure in a more agile – and cost-effective – environment. Worried about security risks by keeping your sensitive business information online? Backup and disaster recovery options should be an integral part of your cloud migration.

Need help with getting your own domain name or migrating to the cloud? We understand that business owners and decision-makers are strapped for time, which is why entire tech provides multidisciplinary solutions to make your life easier. Contact our Business Solutions team to discuss an obligation-free assessment.

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