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There are many benefits companies should consider when it comes to Dropbox Business, the price being only one of them. Another important consideration is that the file sharing market is a highly competitive one. So what is important? Why Dropbox? First and foremost for entire tech is the sophisticated infrastructure to safeguard your files at all times.

The security and compliance features in Dropbox Business were designed with protection, compliance and privacy rights in mind. The advanced sync agent, with delta and LAN syncing features makes easy work of collaborating with your colleagues. There is ample storage space, unlimited file recovery and unlimited file version history where even most complex file versions can be restored with few clicks. Administrators are in full control of the membership, setting the permissions, inspecting the connected devices, and auditing the sharing activities.

There is a remote wipe feature which makes it possible to protect files even when your device is stolen, used unlawfully or data is on a BYOD (bring your own device) asset, as you can delete them and prevent them from appearing on that device.  And that is just to name a few of the features.  Join us for a coffee, tea or scotch to discuss this in more detail.

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