Is your iPhone battery draining faster than usual, leaving you stranded without power when you need it most? At Entire Tech, we offer the peace of mind that comes with our trusted and efficient battery repair services, ensuring you stay connected throughout your busy day. You can get your iPhone battery replaced at our walk-in location or alternatively, mail in the device to us.

Our team of Apple authorised technicians is dedicated to restoring your iPhone’s battery life to its full potential, so you can enjoy uninterrupted usage without constantly searching for a charger.

We know your iPhone is critical to your day, so we offer same-day turn around for iPhone battery repairs. Typically, our repairs will take 90 mins to complete, however this is not guaranteed. Our experts will run a diagnostic test to see if your iPhone repair is eligible for same-day service.

With our expertise and genuine replacement parts, you can trust Entire Tech to deliver quality battery repair services tailored to your specific iPhone model. Whether you’re dealing with a swollen battery, erratic charging behaviour, or simply need a battery replacement due to age-related decline, we’ve got you covered. Our walk-in location offers same-day iPhone service for battery replacements.

The Apple Limited warranty covers a battery that failed from a defect in manufacturing, but it does not cover batteries that wear out from normal use.
The cost to replace a battery depends on your iPhone model and if the issue is covered by Apple warranty, AppleCare+, or consumer law.

iPhone Battery Repairs in Perth

If your iPhone is covered by an AppleCare plan and the battery holds less than 80% of its original capacity, we will service the product at no charge.

You can find a list of our standard pricing for iPhone repairs here – they can vary depending on the issue, all of which we’ll cover when you see us.

Click here for more information on the Apple warranty, AppleCare+ and consumer law.

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