Management Team

Members of our management team have built and maintained substantial businesses in Australia, worked in the tech departments of large companies and provided consultancy services to national companies. Our talented team have wide business experience and deep knowledge of using technology to improve business success. We now have a team of 10 and operate out of Perth, with business hours to support our national footprint. We have worked for clients in many sectors including manufacturing, construction, legal, finance, retail, wholesale and government. We undertake pro bono work for selected charities.

David Locke (aka Diamond Dave)

Managing Director / Chairperson

Widely respected, Dave Locke has worked in the IT industry in Australia for over 25 years. Whilst he has multiple disciplines, he is most passionate about delivering an experience. Great business outcomes are our benchmark, but how he and his team make the customer feel is a primary focus. He has an eye for detail, curious by nature, specializes in simplification and known for his lateral thinking to complex issues. You will not find him on social media but rather on a remote island in the Maldives. “I established Entire Tech as an IT provider that strives to provide businesses with a competitive edge – through efficiency (doing more with less) and productivity (doing more with the same), strategic planning and greater profitability. I have recruited a team of people that focus on providing solutions and support that create higher-performing businesses. Our customers benefit from our love of technology.”

Gabby Locke

Business Manager

Affectionately known as the Minister for Finance, Recreation and War, Gabby has the longest speed dial list in the organisation. Her background is in banking and graphic design and manages the day to day operations of the organisation. She gets it all done. On time. Every time.

Frank McDonald

Senior ICT Technician

With years spent configuring high performance systems, Frank knows about getting the best from your tech. Optimisation and efficiency aren't just part of Frank's technical process, it's a lifelong approach to the entire computing experience.

Karl Giometti

Senior ICT Technician

A stalwart of Entire Tech, Karl is one of our most experienced operational engineers. Exceptional customer service and technical prowess along with a deep care for those he touches, Karl is platform-agnostic, building his career in the Windows world before undertaking the necessary training to become an experienced Apple engineer to add to his repertoire. With huge arms, he is our resident strong man and can put a squash ball away with his signature moves.

Ridwaan Szczurek

Chief Technologies Officer

Rid brings energy to everything he touches. Passionate about the customer experience, technical and operational competencies, he has led hundreds of engineers in his decade in the Apple ecosystem. Responsible for the sweet sets that liven up our workspace, he has an infectious personality that commands attention.

Seth Giometti

Certified Apple Service Technician

AppleCare iOS and Mac certified technician. Ever since he was a young boy, Seth has had a curiosity to find out how things work and a love for all things technology. Together with his friendly attitude, he's committed to helping all Entire Tech customers get the most out of their Apple devices. The technological world fuels his outside interests of building computer systems, 3D printing and CAD.

Nash'aa Nashid

Certified Apple Service Technician and Marketing Assistant

AppleCare iOS and Mac certified technician. With her love for Apple and all things tech, Nash is the newest member to join Entire Tech. Nash enjoys making every customer feel safe and welcome in the Entire Tech space. When she’s not busy working, she can be found driving to the beach while listening to Beyoncé or a true crime podcast.

Gemma Merendino

Administration and Accounts

Gemma brings with her over 10 years of experience in administration and account keeping from the building industry, government procurements and contracts, and some dabbling in social media content creation. She has also helped even out the heavily male-weighted team numbers.

Karen Gan

Marketing Manager

Having worked across Australia and Singapore in a variety of industries, Karen loves all things branding, marketing and looking at pretty colour palettes. When she’s not finding ways to engage with Entire Tech's customers, Karen can be found plant shopping, delving into Perth’s food scene or languishing in the beautiful waters around WA with her human and fur kids.

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