Management Team

Members of our management team have built and maintained substantial businesses in Australia, worked in the tech departments of large companies and provided consultancy services to national companies. Our talented team have wide business experience and deep knowledge of using technology to improve business success. We now have a team of 10 and operate out of Perth, with business hours to support our national footprint. We have worked for clients in many sectors including manufacturing, construction, legal, finance, retail, wholesale and government. We undertake pro bono work for selected charities.

David Locke (aka Diamond Dave)

Managing Director / Chairperson

Widely respected, Dave Locke has worked in the IT industry in Australia for over 25 years. Whilst he has multiple disciplines, he is most passionate about delivering an experience. Great business outcomes are our benchmark, but how he and his team make the customer feel is a primary focus. He has an eye for detail, curious by nature, specializes in simplification and known for his lateral thinking to complex issues. You will not find him on social media but rather on a remote island in the Maldives. “I established Entire Tech as an IT provider that strives to provide businesses with a competitive edge – through efficiency (doing more with less) and productivity (doing more with the same), strategic planning and greater profitability. I have recruited a team of people that focus on providing solutions and support that create higher-performing businesses. Our customers benefit from our love of technology.”

Gabby Locke

Business Manager

Affectionately known as the Minister for Finance, Gabby has the longest speed dial list in the organisation. Her background is in banking and graphic design and manages the day to day operations of the organisation. She gets it all done. On time. Every time.

Frank McDonald

Operations Manager

With years spent configuring high performance systems, Frank knows about getting the best from your tech. Optimisation and efficiency aren't just part of Frank's technical process, it's a lifelong approach to the entire computing experience.

Luzien Cowell

ICT Technician

With a strong passion for dissecting and creatively solving tech problems, Luzien is a dedicated and approachable support technician. Having grown up surrounded by computers, he has learned a thing or two about them and will approach any problem he encounters with enthusiasm. Computers aren't his only interest though, others include aviation, space and skiing.

Shaun Hombergen

ICT Technician

A tech wizard with a lifelong passion for computers. With expertise in design and optimisation, he's your go-to for tech solutions. When not fine-tuning and building systems, he's conquering mountain biking trails or dominating the gaming arena. Shaun combines his technical prowess and adventurous spirit to deliver top-notch solutions.

Kendra Pease

Technical Administrator

With a background in hospitality and new to a career in technical administration, Kendra is a foodie at heart who is not sure how she ended up in tech, but is elated to be here. Bringing her passion for great customer service, enthusiasm to learn and grow, and her belief that small details make big differences, Kendra is our newest addition and is extremely excited to continue to flourish with Entire Tech.

Brandon Loh

Apple Service Technician

AppleCare iOS and Mac certified technician. Brandon has been with Entire Tech since establishing our Apple service location in 2015. After a short hiatus, Brandon is back helping customers fix their Apple products and remedying their relationship with their devices. During his down time, Brandon enjoys building his own computers and watching anime.

Hogan See Toh

Apple Service Technician

AppleCare iOS and Mac certified technician. Passionate computer technician since 2013, starting with fixing, decoding and encoding electronic devices for himself, family and friends. His perseverance with diagnosing and fixing Apple devices has turned him into a tech-complexity killer. Hogan is a proactive problem solver who tries to prevent disasters before someone else has to experience it.

Gemma Merendino

Administration and Accounts

Gemma brings with her over 10 years of experience in administration and account keeping from the building industry, government procurements and contracts, and some dabbling in social media content creation. Also known as the Minister for Recreation, Gemma has helped to even out the heavily male-weighted team numbers.

Karen Gan

Marketing Manager

Having worked across Australia and Singapore in a variety of industries including higher education, healthcare and the arts, Karen loves all things branding, marketing and looking at pretty colour palettes. When she’s not finding ways to engage with Entire Tech's customers, Karen can be found plant shopping, delving into Perth’s food scene or languishing in the beautiful waters around WA with her human and fur kids.

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