We pride ourselves on delivering products and services that are fit for your purpose, business or otherwise. The internet is the foundation or nucleus of every business. Why compromise? Without the right tools (the internet), how can you meet your business objectives? We’ve been doing internet for two decades and won awards for it. Our approach is to ask probing questions about your business, look over your bills and accounts, and after careful consideration propose the most appropriate available solutions to you for your consideration.


Serious about business?  Talk to us about our fibre-based internet solutions.  This is not the NBN but the real deal.  Symmetrical connections, Service Level Agreements, no contentions ratios – what does this mean for you?  Why fibre?  Speed.  Access to the Cloud.  Reliability.  Unlimited data. Security.  We are the experts and can explain the differences and advantages in clear easy to
understand language.


Flexible and portable. Looking for a fast reliable primary or backup internet connection? 4G/5G services are quick to deploy, all our services are supplied with a static IP so they can be routed through your firewall. Fibre-like speeds but with limitations to the download quotas. Not for everyone, but certainly an option to consider.

Wireless Point to Point

NBN over the air. NBN-like speeds, big quotas, easy installation and fast turnaround times are all features. P2P connections need line of sight to the nearest tower. Ask us to perform a service qualification to your address to see if this is an option available for you.


Perfect for start-ups or remote offices.  The NBN has a place in the ever-changing world of the internet in Australia.  We have access to all forms of NBN delivery over Copper, Fibre, HFC (fibre-
coaxial) and Satellite.  Ask us how.

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