How to Protect Your MacBook Pro from Damage – and Repairs!

Whether for work or play, a MacBook Pro is a serious investment – so it needs protecting. While you can’t plan for the unexpected, you can take precautionary steps to protect your device and avoid costly MacBook repairs.

Here’s what you should focus on.

A hardcase is essential – but it’s not invulnerable!

Just like your smartphone, accidental drops can turn a flawless MacBook Pro into a broken device in desperate need of repair. The fix seems obvious: buy a hardcase. But it’s not a set-and-forget solution.

It’s important to regularly remove the hardcase and clean out any loose dust or debris, which can easily slip into open ports and stop you from plugging in your peripherals. Remember that a hardcase won’t protect your display, so always take care when using your device.

Speaking of which, you might think it’s wise to invest in a screen, webcam or keyboard protector. But Apple states that you can actually damage your display if you close your MacBook Pro with these protectors in place.

Get the right insurance

Like any substantial investment, it’s highly recommended that you get insurance for your MacBook Pro, just in case of the unexpected. Speak to your insurance provider for the right level of cover to suit your needs.

You can also get round-the-clock service and support by getting AppleCare+. You can purchase this alongside your brand-new device, or buy it within 90 days of purchasing your MacBook Pro. Not only does it provide technical, software and hardware assistance, but you’ll get an extra year of protection beyond the basic AppleCare service, plus accidental damage coverage.

Avoid MacBook repairs by taking care of your machine

The best protection for any technology – whether it’s a TV, smartphone or MacBook Pro – is to always take extra care of it. Always clean your Apple products regularly – there’s a handy how-to guide here – and if you’re travelling with your device, then make sure it’s stored securely and always within reach. It’s easy to get relaxed, especially when you’ve had your device for a long time, but MacBook repairs are an added cost that can often be avoided just by taking some care.

The good news is that if your MacBook Pro does need repairs, you can get a local Authorised Service Provider on the job. And the best part? If the repairs are covered under Apple warranty, AppleCare+ or consumer law then there’s no charge.

So what are your go-to suggestions for protecting your MacBook Pro? Share your thoughts by commenting below. And if your device has been damaged, we’re your one-stop shop for MacBook repairs in Perth, so contact us today!

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