5 Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Mac

As much as we would like them to, no computer hardware lasts forever – even expensive, high quality products.

Here are five common signs it might be time to upgrade your Mac.


1. There’s not enough space.

Over time, we accumulate digital data and apps that take up a significant amount of storage on our hardware. You may find yourself having to delete or transfer items to free up space and keep your system functioning.

While there are workarounds like doing weekly clean-ups of files you no longer need, and using an external hard drive to give you more space, these aren’t permanent fixes. Instead, it might be time to upgrade your Mac.


2. Hardware is damaged

Everyday usage can cause damage to your hardware. Maybe you accidentally dropped your laptop, or the kids have dumped their bags on it in the back of the car , or perhaps it’s starting to make strange noises you know it shouldn’t.

Your Mac may still be able to be used, however it may be more cost-effective to replace it rather than undertake any major repairs.


3. Poor performance

There’s a variety of reasons why your system may be running slowly. A lack of RAM can prevent you from running multiple apps simultaneously, an old CPU can make using more modern programs laggy or downright impossible. Over time, many parts of your Mac will simply decline with age.

It’s also worth thinking about your battery’s life. In MacBooks particularly, the rechargeable batteries hold less and less ‘stored charge’ over time – until they are completely spent and need replacing.


4. You experience regular software issues

Is your Mac slow or unresponsive when too many programs are running at once? Is your system freezing more often than not? Does your device randomly shut down?

These problems could be due to a lack of free space on your Mac or outdated hardware, but they will no doubt make your life more frustrating – especially if you use the device for work.


5. It can’t run the latest version of macOS

With every new iteration of macOS, the list of ‘obsolete’ Mac devices grows. Currently Big Sur is the latest version of macOS and any device purchased in the last couple of years will be able to run it. However, if you have a MacBook pre-2015 or a MacBook Pro pre-2013, then it won’t be able to run Big Sur. That means it might be time to say goodbye to your device and upgrade.

If your Mac is experiencing some or all of these issues, it’s likely a trip to our location is on the cards! If you’re not quite ready to part with your Mac, servicing might be an alternative until you decide it’s time for a replacement. Contact us to book in your Macbook Repairs Perth, iPhone Repairs in Perth or iPad for a check-up.

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